John L. Stephens

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JOHN L. STEPHENS 1852 The steamship JOHN L. STEPHENS was built in New York in 1852 by Smith and Diamond. She was a sidewheeler, with three decks and the old-fashioned beam engine, and when she first appeared was brigantine rigged. She was regarded as immense in the early days of her career on the northern route. Her dimensions were: length, two hundred and seventy-five feet; beam, forty-one feet ; depth of hold, twenty-four feet; tonnage, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six. Capt.Chris Dall ran her in 1867, and was succeeded by Metzger, Johnson, Bolles, Conner, Mackie, and others. In 1878 the steamer was sold in San Francisco to Sisson, Wallace & Co., to go to Alaska, where she was used as a floating cannery, and on her return was so old and tender that she was retired from service and broken up the following year. E. W. Wright, "The Alaska Purchase, Advent of Many Fine Steamers on Puget Sound," Lewis & Dryden's Marine History of the Pacific Northwest. New York: Antiquarian Press, Ltd., 1961., p.159.